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Devin Drobka

Drum Instructor

Devin Drobka, drummer, composer and educator has been playing drums for the past 25 years. Devin is currently one of the most in demand performers and educators in the Midwest. Devin has performed with Jerry Bergonzi, Tony Malaby, Mario Pavone, Dan Blake, Joe Lovano, Tadataka Unno, Ben Monder, Tyler Blanton, Russ Johnson, and Dave Santoro, among many others. Devin currently  teaches at the West End Conservatory and The Wisconsin Conservatory of Music. He is also teaching drumset and helping coach combos at UW-Whitewater. He actively performs, records, and tours with the groups Bell Dance Songs, Lesser Lakes Trio, Etudes Trio, Argopelter, Hanging Hearts, Drobka/Weller Duo, Field Report, and Soft Alarm.