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Dan Buller | Denver, CO Area

Guitar, Squareneck Dobro, Pedal Steel, Mandolin, Banjo

Dan Buller is a Denver, CO area multi-instrumentalist. Over the past decade he has performed in a variety of bands and styles on guitar, dobro, and pedal steel. As a performer, he focuses on jazz, gypsy jazz, and bluegrass. Dan holds a Master’s degree in jazz guitar performance from the University of Wyoming, where he studied under Ryan Fourt (guitarist) and Ben Markley (pianist).

As an educator, he believes in tailoring his curriculum to each specific student, rather than using a cooking cutter approach. He understands that different genres require different skills/techniques, and will work to streamline lesson plans to get students to achieve their playing goals as quickly as possible. Honing in on the most efficient approach is vital.

Dan teaches guitar, squareneck dobro, pedal steel, mandolin, and banjo. He can cover a variety of styles including jazz, blues, bluegrass, rock, country, and fingerstyle guitar. He is also passionate about teaching music theory and ear training to interested students.

With the goal of fostering a lifetime love of music, Dan is currently accepting new Maestro Makers in-home students.