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EP Archer | Denver, CO Area

Violin, Piano, Voice, Guitar

EP inspires a passion for music and musical expression by example. With over 20 years of performing and teaching experience, EP is a teacher committed to aspiring creatives of all levels, ages, and abilities. With EP, you will honor your unique journey, exemplify your strengths, and tackle your weaknesses to translate, express, and create from the heart in an authentic and connected way.

EP Archer has collaborated, performed with, and been mentored by award-winning international soloists: Colin Carr, Faye Robinson, Ursula Oppens, Frank Spinosa, J. Samuel Pilafian, R Carlos Nakai, and Mike Pagán, and at the MWROC festival with Matt Bell, Mark Wood, and Joe Denizon. In addition, EP is a published composer and recording artist on violin, piano, voice, and guitar. Her compositions, recordings, and performances, which range from classical piano to jazz violin to multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter selections, can be heard on Soundcloud and Spotify.

EP strives to cultivate an individualized and inspiring experience for each person in a way that is accessible to them. Each student is empowered through attainable skills and goals, musical discovery, and self-expression. Students gain the tools, techniques, and skills needed to be successful in any style chosen. The foundation applies to the study of all performing arts and builds on universal education in the school of life. She includes relevant music to you and, at the same time, can integrate a perspective that honors the foundations of music, the classical tradition, current trends, and the roots of all forms of American music today.

EP is passionate about serving historically marginalized populations, including people of color, Latinx and indigenous populations, those with learning differences and who are differently abled, and the LGBTQ+ and gender non-conforming community. Her work strives to universalize and individuate expression to make it accessible and appreciated by audiences regardless of ability, color, race, religion, spirituality, heritage, nationality, or gender identity.

EP is accepting new Maestro Makers students in violin, piano, voice and guitar.