Milwaukee Guitar Lessons - Jenna Rades - Music Instructor

Jenna Rades

Milwaukee Guitar Instructor

Jenna Rades is a guitarist, music educator, and composer from Oconomowoc, WI. From a young age, she was mesmerized by Chet Atkins records, which sparked a curiosity and the desire to make her own sound.

She began formal study with Neil Davis in 2008, joined the MYSO Jazz Studies program in 2011, and continued with Steve Peplin at MATC in 2013, where she received a degree in Music Performance. Since then, Jenna has spent time performing and recording many styles of music in the Midwest, Los Angeles, New York City, and Toronto, with artists/bands such as, the rock n roll/soul powerhouse, Abby Jeanne, and West African pop group, Sindoolaa.

Jenna’s teaching philosophy is rooted in something very simple: have fun while digging deep. Through her knowledge and experience she will help students develop a strong musical foundation, discover their own sound, and gain confidence in developing their own ideas. Along the way she will introduce traditional concepts, like reading and transcribing, or for brand new students, understanding what a beat is. She is passionate and excited about helping students realize their immense capacity to learn and create.

Jenna is currently offering in-home and online guitar lessons and is accepting new students.