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Jessica Baker

Piano Teacher - Milwaukee

Jessica Baker has been teaching piano for over 20 years. Having studied under Barb Bellmer in Fond du Lac, WI, Jessica learned precise technical skills for playing classical music. She was both inspired by her teacher and self-motivated, and worked diligently at challenging herself to learn difficult pieces. She utilizes the attention to detail Barb taught her with her own students, who consistently rank in first place at judged events.

Jessica’s development as a musician happened simultaneously while developing her teaching philosophies. She has accompanied soloists and congregations, played for weddings, and played keyboard in local rock bands. Her current project is the Milwaukee group, A Warmer Language. Jessica communicates to her students, by words and demeanor, a calm enjoyment of making music. Emphasis is given to attention to detail, but she strives to select desirable music, acknowledging that self-motivation will not materialize if a student is not playing songs they enjoy.

In teaching, Jessica focuses on efficient ways to practice, refining listening skills, the student’s attitude toward practicing and performing, and breathing techniques. She also teaches music theory for any student that may be interested in composing their own music. She encourages open communication for students’ goals for what they want out of taking lessons. Jessica utilizes creativity and flexibility in adapting to different styles of learning.