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Michele Trujillo, Ed. D. | Denver, CO area

Flute, Piano

Michele has taught at various levels of education over the past 23 years; She educates preservice and in service teachers at Metropolitan State University of Denver as a professor of Teacher Education including Music Education students. She has been an active participant in directing her church choir, and directing the music program at The Justice and Heritage Academy that she co-founded in 2017. She has performed with such ensembles as the Alrey Flute Choir in the Denver area. She is a trained music therapist and has a B.A. in Music, a Master’s in Special Education and a Doctoral degree in Curriculum and Instruction.

Michele has taught flute and piano for several years. She believes music is important because it helps students express their emotions, and playing music is a wonderful skill to have in order to cope with the stressors of life. In addition, being a musician helps students develop into well rounded human beings and increases cognitive functioning. Michele believes in helping students achieve their musical and learning goals, and will help students achieve them during instruction and for performances.

In addition to playing and teaching flute and piano, some of her other interests include playing guitar, hiking, skiing, reading, and family time with her family and close friends.

Michele offers lessons in Flute and Piano in the Denver area. She is currently accepting new students.