Milwaukee Guitar Lessons - Patrick Van Bibber - Music Instructor

Patrick Van Bibber

Milwaukee Guitar Instructor

Patrick Van Bibber is a successful musician and guitar teacher in the Milwaukee area. After graduating from MATC in 2017 with a degree in Music Occupations, he studied at the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music on scholarship.

Patrick gigs regularly at bars, clubs, patios, beer gardens, weddings, and other private events, giving him a performer’s perspective as a teacher.  He plays both acoustic and electric as well as solo and with a band, and performs a wide range of styles.

As a teacher, Patrick’s primary goal is the same whether the student is six or eighty-six:  to teach students how to learn.  Patrick believes the teaching must be matched to the student’s learning style, not the other way around.  Therefore, Patrick individualizes each lesson to match the student’s goals and style while encouraging exploration and creativity.

Patrick is currently offering guitar lessons in Milwaukee and is accepting new students.

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