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portrait of Maestro Makers piano instructor Paul Nuyda

Paul Nuyda | Madison

Madison Piano Instructor

Paul Nuyda, a Milwaukee native, began taking piano lessons at a young age. Having been inspired by his grandfather, a virtuoso of the piano, he acquired a love and passion to learn the art and share his music with others. After 8 years of playing, he began taking advanced lessons at the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music and studied the basics of songwriting. He continued his piano studies at the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire and was awarded numerous scholarships by the faculty for his juried performances.

Paul found his passion for writing music for film and video games while studying music composition in college. He worked on multiple research projects with the university, including an opportunity to travel to South Africa to collaborate with other students and professors. Paul holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Music – Composition with an emphasis in piano.

Paul has taught music composition and piano at the Eau Claire Music School. He recently moved back to his hometown of Milwaukee where he is excited to share his passion for music with students in the area.

Paul is currently offering piano lessons in Madison and is accepting new students.

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