Tamara Tyrrell - Flute Instructor – Online Flute Lessons

Tamara Tyrrell

Online Flute Instructor

Tamara has been a flutist for over 2 decades. She graduated from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Music and played in their Symphony Band, Wind Ensemble and Orchestra. While there she studied with Eastman graduate and former West Point Band member Robert Goodberg. Additionally, Tamara has toured and recorded in Europe, and played with the Milwaukee American Legion Band. Her teaching experience includes teaching woodwinds and brass as a traveling music teacher for Milwaukee Public Schools. She has taught students as young as 10 years old, all the way up to adults who decide to take up their instrument again later in life, or for the very first time.

What she likes best about teaching is seeing the joy and sense of accomplishment that music brings to her students. Music can be a bright light for a child or adult, their niche, that thing that sets them apart, gives them pride and something positive to progress toward.

Tamara believes in tailoring her approach to the needs, goals and learning styles of each individual student.

Here are some things most students can expect to work on:

Tone Quality – optimally, your signature of sorts, robust and full in nature achieved through breath control and technique, slow chromatic work, and ear development.

Technique – a fluid and even technique can be achieved through mastery of major and minor scales and daily etude and site-reading work.

Rhythm – mastering this can be achieved through the diligent use of an external metronome eventually made internal and felt in the body. An experience that will become second nature like breathing.

Essential Books – A Modern Guide to Fingerings for the Flute by James J. Pellerite, Melodious and Progressive Studies I – III from Adersen, Gariboldi, Koehler and Terschak and De La Sonorite Art Et Technique by Marcel Moyse

Favorite Pieces to Play and Teach – Syrinx by Debussy, Hindemith Sonate and Mozart’s Flute Concertos in G and D Major

Besides teaching flute, Tamara a Milwaukee native, strongly believes in supporting local artists and craftsman, is a certified yoga teacher, jewelry maker and loves nature and cycling. She can often be found walking and hiking with family, and her pup Merle.