Jane Han - Maestro Makers - Music Lessons & Instruction
A portrait of Maestro Makers violin and Piano instructor Jane Han

Jane Han

Piano & Violin Instructor

Jane Han is an enthusiastic teacher with a classically trained background and a passion for improvising and chamber music. She is currently offering piano and violin lessons in the Milwaukee area.

She studied violin performance with a piano minor in Mainz, Germany. At 18, Jane became one of the youngest violinists selected for an internship in the first violin section of the Hessisches Staatsorchester, the state opera house orchestra in Wiesbaden, Germany. Jane eventually decided to focus again on academic interests and graduated with an M.A. in linguistics, philosophy and psychology from the University of Mainz in 2013.

Teaching is one of Jane’s passions. She has taught music to both adults and children, and is always seeking the individual learner’s most effective ways to learn. She also works as a line therapist for young (early-intervention) autistic children, doing one-on-one in-home therapy as well as work with children in the clinic. She regularly sees the amazing effects music can have!

Jane has performed classically both violin and piano, as a soloist and chamber musician, in the US, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Germany, and Bulgaria. She has extensive orchestral experience and performed regularly as concertmaster of various (semi-professional) orchestras in Germany. In 2011 Jane branched out into non-classical music by playing piano and violin in a salsa band (Ritmovida Orchester Mainz). In Milwaukee, she has performed non-classically with Milwaukee musicians Matthew Davies (on violin) and Will Rose (primarily on piano).

Apart from the aforementioned interests, Jane enjoys sight-reading chamber music, Star Trek: The Next Generation, hiking, and being with her canine companion Saul.